Chasing autumn leaves of the most beautiful villages in Japan

Chasing autumn leaves of the most beautiful villages in Japan

It is my great pleasure to introduce you new travel route to chase the autumn leaves of the most beautiful villages in Japan. All the locations I introduce you herein are in Nagano Pref. We move from north to south Nagano accordingly. The first place is Takayama village.

Takayama village is located approx.20km east from Nagano city. The village is also proud of its beautiful stars in the night. You may be abele to enjoy this stardust if you stay at Yamada pasture.

In about 2 hours drive down to south from Takayama village using Nagano Highway you can reach to Hara village which is the next destination of autumn leaves.

Hara village is surrounded by high mountains including famous mountain Mt.Yatsugatake, So you can enjoy beautiful autumn leaves with the mountains covered with snow. Also same as Takayama village above you can see beautiful stars here at Hara village at night. There are lots of charming cottage in the village where you can stay over night.

The third destination is Takato(Ina city) where you can drive from Hara village in just 1 hour drive(35km). Takato is famous for its beautiful cherry blossom in the spring. However, autumn leaves are also quite nice at the same spot, Takato castle ruin.

When you visit Takato, please walk around the town. You can find stone made figures of Buddha. In the Edo era there were lots of stone sculptures craftsmen in this area.

You may feel as if the town is natural museum under the sly.

The forth place is Oshika village in about 35km south from Takato.

Also I would like to remind you that on the 3rd Sunday of October, they hold Kabuki event at the shrine. More than 1000 people come to enjoy the performance by the village citizens.

The fifth and final destination is Nakagawa village where is just 15km west from Oshika village.

At Nakagawa village you can taste delicious fruits throughout the year. In the autumn you can taste very sweet apples.

I hope that you fully understand how attractive this new travel route is. All the villages, Takayama, Hara, Takako, Oshika and Nakagawa are the most beautiful villages in Japan. Please select this route as your next travel to Japan.