Kawane-Honcho town, “Lovely and Healthy Restaurant and Inn”

Kawane-Honcho town, “Lovely and Healthy Restaurant and Inn”

I’m very happy to introduce you so lovely and healthy restaurant and inn at Kawane-Honcho, Shizuoka.

The name is “açaí”.

The house is 280 years old Japanese traditional one where you can spend relaxed time.

The owner couple operated restaurant at different place before.

When they found this old house, they decided to move here and start restaurant and inn.

They really care about what they cook for the guests.

They use just organic vegetables and plants good for health and happiness for the guests,

Their dishes are not only delicious but also beautiful to see.

All the guests can enjoy their dishes both by tang and eyes.

As Kawane-Honcho town is famous for Japanese tea, they also make nice desert using tea.

In front of the house you can see tea field and get tea flower by yourself.

For more details and reservation please contact them directly.


I’m sure that you can spend “price-less” time at “açaí”.