When you travel Matsuzaki town, Shizuoka Pref., you are strongly recommended to take a look

of “Kura-la”, small souvenir shop just close to Matsuzaki town office.

This shop is operated by senior local ladies whose average age is 72.

The chief operator of this shop is Mrs.Aoki. She is so kind that you can know a lot about

Matsuzaki town from her.


There are lots of hand craft products suitable for souvenir.

They are not only pretty but also their price is quite reasonable.

You can even spend an hour by just looking these craft products.

Furthermore this shop also offer snack and drink in the lunch time.

Especially their pacific saury sushi is so delicious that many guests come to the shop before 11am

to  wait for the dishes.

It is my great surprise that the above sushi is Yen500 only!

Please don’t miss it at Matsuzaki town.