Kawane Honcho town is located around middle of Shizuoka pref. and is famous for

green tea.

Kawane is one of the three major tea cultivation place. Another two is Uji, Kyoto and

Sayama, Saitama.

Morning fog, pure water and clean air all together make Kawane tea so delicious.

But, as you see them, Kawane tea is not only delicious but also quite beautiful as natural view.

Especially in spring fresh new leaves come out and you can enjoy green carpet view all around Kawane Honcho.

Furthermore if you would like to do so, you can pick up tea leaves by yourselves with tea girl consume.

For tea pick up experience please contact “Yamakasho tea farm”.


You can drink green tea which you have just picked up.

Please enjoy Japanese green tea by taste and view at Kawane Honcho.