Introducing the new route of the autumn leaves of the most beautiful village in Japan.The place is Nagano Prefecture.First of all, Takayama village. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "medium" link = "file" ids = "2120, 2117"] The starry sky is also a big tourist resource in High mountain village, about 20km east of Nagano city.If you stay at Yamada Ranch, which is more than 1000 meters altitude, you can enjoy this stardust.It takes about two hours by car from Takayama Village to the South by the expressway and arrives at Haramura, the next destination.In Haramura, surrounded by high mountains, including Yatsugatake, you can enjoy beautiful foliage with snow-covered mountains. [Gallery size = "Medium" ids = "1849, 1847, 1844"] as well as the high mountain village, the starry sky of Hara is also recommended.There are a lot of lovely cottages and pensions in the village. The third destination is Takato (INA city), just an hour's drive from Haramura.Takato Castle Park is famous for its cherry blossoms in the spring, but in fact the leaves are also very beautiful. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "1919, 1921"] when you come to Takato, please enjoy a leisurely wait.In the Edo period, many stone craftsmen grew up in this area to ensure income.This town is just like a museum in the city where sculptures of the time still remain everywhere in the town. [Gallery size = "Medium" ids = "1918, 1917, 1920"] The next destination is about 35km south of Takato. [Gallery size = "Medium" ids = "1798, 1799, 1797"] the Great Deer Kabuki which became the movie is done exactly at the time of the autumnal leaves.On the third Sunday of October, more than 1,000 people visit the precincts to enjoy the performance of the villagers every year. The last destination is Nakagawa village, located 15 km west of Daishikura. [Gallery size = "Medium" ids = "1744, 1745, 1746"] Nakagawa gourmet at this time is an apple to say the least.Please enjoy the sweet Apple. [Gallery size = "Medium" ids = "1757, 1756, 1755"]