The most beautiful village in Japan, Totsukawa Village, Nara Prefecture

It is a passage of the World Heritage Kumano Kodo “Koheji”.Here are some of the best hiking trails in the village. Let’s start walking from “Subaru no Sato” located in the center of the village equipped with hot spa and hotel.

Hotel Subaru

After crossing the Yanagimoto Bridge you can see the stone paved road. This is the Koheji, World Heritage Kumanokodo.

Walking for 40 minutes, you can arrive at Hayenashi pass which is your destination.The Cherry blossoms are beautiful at this time and it is the best time of the year.

You may return to the village of Subaru down the forest road.There is a shooting spot called “Men” waterfall on the way.

Men Waterfall

If you have a sweat, you can relax in the hot water.

I showed you a two-hour hiking course.