The most beautiful village in Japan, Chizu town, Tottori Prefecture.

It is a rural village surrounded by a forest with more than 90% forest area about 40 minutes by car from Tottori sand dunes.It is also a place that flourished as a post town, which was a key point of transportation connecting Himeji to Izumo and Okayama.This small town has been focusing on forest therapy and farm house with forest resources in this decade.

Guest house boom only recently, but, at Chizu town they started guest house business using farm houses 10 years ago when nobody knows the word “guest house”. There are about 50 farm houses in the town now.The price is 7,500 yen per night including dinner and breakfast.If you ask the tourist association what kind of guest house is preferable, they will arrange you a recommended lodging.This time I was introduced to the Kobayashi family.

Mr.Kobayashi is engaged in rice cultivation and his wife prepares wonderful meals because she has nutritionist license.

In addition to Mr.and Mrs.Kobayashi their dog “Oreo” welcome your visit.

Mr.Kobayashi likes sake a lot, so why don’t you bring your own bottle and drink it together?It’s a good night to hear a lot of local stories.

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