The chief concierge will teach you how to enjoy 120% of your island life.The first is active version.

At the island, fishing is the first thing to do.The Seto Inland Sea is a treasure trove of fish.Even beginners may be able to get the big shots depending on the weather. We get up at five thirty.We’ll meet at the port of Iwagi Island at six o’clock.

Minshuku Yoshi Tadashi’s cruiser

There is a half day course and an all day course.The half-day course is four hours, the full day course is 8 hours, the charter price for each ship is 5,000 yen and 8000 yen.The maximum capacity is 4 people.Experienced captains will lead you to catch points.

Another recommended activity is the uninhabited island experience.There is a deserted island five minutes by boat from Iwaki Island.There are campsites and bungalows prepared by the town, even if it’s a deserted island, so you can eat and stay.No matter how In the evenings, it is recommended to admire the stars in the sky.

Contact us for both activities and make reservations at Local Inn Yoshimasa.