The most beautiful village in Japan, Kamijima town consisting of islands floating in the Seto Inland Sea

The second round of how to enjoy the island life is relaxed version.The outdoor activity is nice, but it is also good to spend a leisurely time only on the island.

First of all, why don’t you rent bicycle and take a short trip of the islands? You can rent bicycles on any island, but the most convenient place might be Setouchi Koryuukan at Yuge island, close to the pier.

Yuge Island, Sashima, and Ikunajima Island are connected by a bridge, so let’s take a leisurely walk on each island by bicycle.

The Guest House “Shiomi House”, which was renovated in 2016, was opened in Sajima, and is a place where people enjoy a leisurely island life from all over the world.You can spend a luxurious time doing nothing.


How about relaxing in the hot spring while gazing at the sea?

Komogakushi Onsen


To close relaxing day on the island why don’t you enjoy wonderful sunset?

Are you an active faction?Or a leisurely faction?Please try to enjoy both by all means.