Soni Village, it is one of the most beautiful villages in the Japan, a small village in the northeast of Nara Prefecture.Untouched nature can still be enjoyed in this village.

First of all, the Soni Plateau.It is wonderful that the time of fresh green in the early summer and Japanese pampas grass in the autumn.There are about one hour hiking trails, so please come and try.

After a stroll around the Soni Plateau, please stop by the nearby Soni Kogen Farm Garden, and at first take bath at the “Okame hot Spring”.It is a soft spring quality, and tiredness flies away.After the hot spring, you can enjoy a local made beer at the House of Wheat.It is a moment of bliss.

Here is another place where I want you to visit in Soni Village, “Byoubu-Iwa” large rock. Spring cherry blossoms and autumn leaves are wonderful.As Soni is located in high area, you can enjoy them even after they have scattered in other prominent places.

In the fall, the lion dance, which has been in the region for 300 years, is shown .At this time, many tourists come to enjoy the Japanese pampas grass and the lion dance of the Soni Plateau.