Kikai Island is located approx. 25km east from Amami Big Island. You can reach here by air or ship from Amami Big Island or Kagoshima. The coral started to upheave the sea level around 100,000 yeas ago. Even now the grand level steps upward by 2mm in average annually, which is quite unusual phenomena in the world.

Upon your arrival to this island why don’t you visit Coral Museum of Coral Labo in the island? You can learn a lot about coral and how this island was created by coral.

 After your study at the Coral Museum the first point to be visited might be here, “Point 211”, the highest point of this island. As mentioned above this island has started to upheave since 100,000 years and move upward 2mm in each year, the current highest level is 211 meters from the sea level.   

If you go down from Point 211, then you can see the grand upheaved in about 60,000 years ago.


     The corals give us not only nice view but also mineral rich soil by which any crops are harvested in rich quality. The main crop here is sugar cane. Black sugar made from the sugar cane here is different from others. One young guy was attracted by the black sugar here and moved to this island from Tokyo. Currently he, Mr.Sugimata, president of “Kikai-Jima-Kobo”, makes various kinds of black sugar products. Among them he strongly recommends us to try black sugar syrup.   

   In addition to sugar cane various kinds of fruits can be grown, passion fruit, banana, mango in the summer, mandarin in the winter. At the pretty cafe “Yui” you can drink mix juice made from these fruits. You can also take lunch at this cafe.

 You go around the island and see lots of big corals anywhere. Then you can understand again that this island is really “Coral Island”.

Please relax and enjoy your stay at this coral island.