Kokuto Shoochu is a specialty product allowed to be produced only in Amami Islands. There are 27 Kokuto Shoochu distilleries in the area, but the taste of them are different depending on know-how and row materials such as rice and black sugars. In Kikai Island there is a distillery named “Asahi Shuzo”, meaning “Distillery in the rising sun”. They make even black sugar by themselves from sugar cane organically grown by themselves.    

 Normally Kokuto Shoochu is shipped after aging one year in the tank. But they age specialty Shoochu in five years. They even design different bottles in each vintage. So, you can enjoy collecting these bottles in addition to enjoy drinking them.

 You can make factory tour at any time, so why don’t you visit them and try fine black sugar Shoochu in “Rising Sun” island, Kikai.