Ojika is small island located at north end of Goto islands, Nagasaki Pref and is nominated as one of the most beautiful villages in Japan. In this small island you are recommended to enjoy beautiful views by bicycle. You can rent a bicycle at the Ferry terminal. (600yen for normal bicycle, 1000yen for electric motor assisted bicycle for each 6 hours). From the ferry terminal you may go around this island counterclockwise. The first destination is Akahama(red sand) beach located approx. 3km from the terminal. The sand of this beach is beautiful red.

  The second destination is north part of this island, Kakihohama beach. This is the most popular beach in this island and in the summer many swimmers come to enjoy the beautiful sea.

  After the beach why don’t you come down to south a little, then you can find this beautiful avenue of pines called as “Himeno Matsubara”.

   Meantime, there is one very beautiful golf course “Hamazakibana Golf Park” which was made and is operated by the local residents who loves golf. Visitors can also enjoy playing golf here in just 2000yen only.

beautiful golf course beside the sea

   The final destination is “Madara-Jima” located at western end of this island. You just sit down on the ground and enjoy nice ocean view over front gourd frame. Also the sunset here will take your breath away.

To reach to this small island you have to get on the Ferry from Hakata Port(approx. 5 hours) or Sasebo Port(approx. 3 hours). But, the majestic view here surely justify the inconvenient transportation.