In my previous article I introduced you new travel route to chase autumn leaves of the most beautiful villages in Nagano Pref. Today I would like to let you know that you even can chase cherry blossoms in the spring by going the same route. But, this time you may go from south to north. The first destination is Nakagawa village.(the last destination for autumn leaves).

In the spring at Nakagawa village you are recommended to taste sweet cherries.

The second destination is Oshika village.

In the downtown of Oshika there is a nice park called “Onishi Park” You can enjoy cherry blossoms with mountains covered with snow.

The third destination is Takato. Cherry blossom at Takato castle ruin is said to be one of the best three most beautiful cherry blossom spots in Japan.

At Takato after cherry blossom is over you can enjoy beautiful roses at the rose garden in the town.

The forth destination is Hara village.

Cherry blossoms with Mt.Yatsugatake is really so nice.

The fifth destination is Takayama village.

Every year lots of visitors come here to shoot the picture of big cherry blossom tree with rape flowers.

The final destination is Ogawa village which is located approx.40km west from Takayama village. You can enjoy cherry blossoms with mountains of North Alps.

When you visit Ogawa village, please be sure to eat local snack “Oyaki”.

I hope you understand that you can maximize the satisfaction of both autumn and spring trip in Japan by following the most beautiful villages in Japan at Nagano Pref.  Enjoy your pleasant trip!