O-Shika Village , Eat delicious venison at “village of deer”

O-Shika village is one of the most beautiful villages in Japan which is located at southern part of Nagano Pref. The village is surrounded by forest and mountains, that’s why the village is quite nice place for hunting deer and other wild animals. For your information the name of this village “O-Shika” means “Big deer”, from which you can imagine how the village is. Today I’m very happy to introduce you very nice restaurant and inn, “Oyori-Tei” owned and operated by Mr.and Mrs.Akiyama, veteran hunter. Inside the house there is a big hearth on which Mr.Akiyama cooks and serves dinner including venisons. This is the main dish, venison caught by Mr.Akiyama today. This inn just accepts only one group of tourists. So, you may feel that you come to stay at your friend’s house. In the morning you can enjoy nice breakfast served by Mrs.Akiyama at the small arbor outside under the fresh air. The owner’s English is not so perfect, but lots of foreign guests have stayed and enjoyed this inn. So, you don’t have to worry anything and stay at special night at O-Shika village. For details and reservation please contact them directly. The following is their web: […]

Kawane-Honcho town, “Lovely and Healthy Restaurant and Inn”

I’m very happy to introduce you so lovely and healthy restaurant and inn at Kawane-Honcho, Shizuoka. The name is “açaí”. The house is 280 years old Japanese traditional one where you can spend relaxed time. The owner couple operated restaurant at different place before. When they found this old house, they decided to move here and start restaurant and inn. They really care about what they cook for the guests. They use just organic vegetables and plants good for health and happiness for the guests, Their dishes are not only delicious but also beautiful to see. All the guests can enjoy their dishes both by tang and eyes. As Kawane-Honcho town is famous for Japanese tea, they also make nice desert using tea. In front of the house you can see tea field and get tea flower by yourself. For more details and reservation please contact them directly. I’m sure that you can spend “price-less” time at “açaí”.

Sai village, “Nice seafood dinner at guesthouse”

At Sai village I recommend you to stay at guesthouse “Miyano” just close to Sai Village office. At this guesthouse you can taste nice seafood dinner and breakfast. Every seafood is so fresh and you are surely satisfied with them. Guesthouse “Miyano” is traditional Japanese house, but many foreign guests also have visited. So, you don’t have to worry anything. For reservation please call them. (0175-38-2631)

Higashi Naruse Village, “Mt.Kurikoma – Wonderful Panoramic View throughout the year”

When you have a chance to visit Higashi Naruse, I strongly recommend you to stay Kurikoma Mountain Hotel. The most exciting experience in this hotel is to take open-air bath. You can see this panoramic view from the hot spa! From the hotel you can start trekking of Mt.Kurikoma. The best season is begging of October, when you can enjoy colored autumn. There is also beautiful lake named “Lake Sukawa” close-by. You can also enjoy bird watching here. After you see this wonderful sunset from the hotel You even have a wonderful present of night view. Mt.Kurikoma is recognized as one of the most beautiful star view points in Japan. For more information and reservation you can contact the hotel directly:

Akagawa village, “Village on the crater”

Akagawa village is the only one village located on the crater caused by violent explosion of a volcano of Mt.Yoteizan. The village is purely farm area where you can stay at ease. There are 2 recommended places you might stay in Akaigawa. The first one is “Play park Akaigawa TOMO”. You can stay at very cute cottage from which you can even enjoy wonderful stars at night. Also there are various kinds of actives available in the facility. You can get more detailed info of this facility in their official web; SUMMER One more hotel I offer you is “Hiruneno-sato”, small farm house hotel close to downtown. The tomato juice and bacon made by the owner is surprisingly delicious. You are surely satisfied with their hospitality. (Japanese only)

Nakasatsunai village, “Stay with the nature”

At Nakasatsunai I recommend you to stay under the beautiful nature. There are 2 nice places to stay; The first one is Satsunai River Park. You can pitch a tent by yourself or rent a bungalow. For reservation please contact Nakasatsunai tourist office. 札内川園地キャンプ場 Another place is “Feriendolf Memorial Park”. Inside the park there are lots of big tents already equipped. You can stay and cook by yourselves. Inside the park there is also good restaurant. The following is their official web; Have a nice nature stay at Nakasatsunai!

Kiyosato town, “Nice Lodge suitable for long stay”

To enjoy traveling eastern Hokkaido I recommend you to stay Lodge “Fuukeiga” located on the top of the hill of Kiyosato town. The owner of the lodge, Mr.Yamashita is also nature guide of the area. So, you can know a lot about the nice sightseeing spots from him. Their official web is as below; 風景画の四季 From the window of this lodge you can see Mt.Shari like this. Furthermore you can even see floating ice on the sea of Okhotsk. Have a pleasant stay at Kiyosato town end enjoy trip in eastern part of Hokkaido!

Kita-Shiobara village, Nice private lodgings at Lake Hibara

When you go to Kita Shiobara Village, one of the most beautiful villages in Japan, you are recommended to stay at private lodgings named “Hibara”  close to Lake Hibara. Dinner and breakfast which the hostess prepares for you is extraordinarily delicious. This lodgings also offer fisherman fishing boat service especially for smelt fishing in the winter. This is the fishing house in which you can enjoy fishing even on the ice in warm condition. The web of this lodgings is as below;

Iide-town, Farmhouse-inn

When you visit Iide-town, you are strongly recommended to stay at farmhouse-inn at Nakatsugawa district. There are 8 inns in this district, among which I stay at Ikarashi-inn operated by Mr.and Mrs,Ikarashi. This house was originally built more than 200 years ago. Upon arrival to the inn Mrs.Ikarashi welcomed me with local snack. Mr. and Mrs Ikarashi with me before departure You also can enjoy wonderful dinner and breakfast made by Mrs Ikarashi. The fee is ¥6800 per night including dinner and breakfast. The morning view from Ikarashi-inn For reservation you can contact Iide-town tourist Information;

Okura Village, “Onsen in the Cave”

In Okura village there is quite famous spa area called “Hijiori Onsen”, which has more than 1200years history. Now there are more than 20 Onsen hotels in the area, where many visitors enjoy nice spa. Among the hotels I’m happy to introduce you unique hotel offering you “Cave Spa”. As you see in the photo above, you should go through the real cave to reach to the bath. You surely can get wonderful memory in this hotel “Matsuya Hotel”.