When I come to Kamikatsu town, I still stay at a farmhouse.Among them, we recommend a farmhouse Minshuku "Yama Dusty".It is a few minutes ' drive from the town hall, but it is a Japan satoyama which climbed a steep slope.

This inn is run by a couple of local poultry farmers.The Grandpa in the country welcomes you warmly as if you came to visit Grandma's house.

The bath is a wooden semi-open-air bath made by your husband.It is a bath of the rare firewood cooking now.Because the temperature adjustment seems to be difficult, and it is hot enough to boil a kettle, please enter it carefully.Bathing is the best while looking at the scenery of Satoyama from the window.

Dinner after the bath.The landlady cooks it in the hearth.Let's get plenty of local information here.

Wake up with the sunrise in the morning and take a walk in the vicinity.It is sure to be healed by the scenery of the Satoyama.

I can nod to many repeaters.Enjoy the life of Satoyama in Kamikatsu town.