Wazuka Town, Kyoto Prefecture.This is the most beautiful village in Japan, located in the southern part of Kyoto.It is the largest production site of Uji tea that not only Japanese but also foreign tea fans know its name, and it occupies more than half of the tea leaf production in Kyoto.If you enter the town, you can feel such numbers.Even if you look at the right or the left, there is a landscape in which the tea plantation continues.

There is a lodging that I recommend to such a bunch.It is a farmhouse inn “N & N”.The owner is Noriko Kita, the fourth generation tea farmer. Her family name “Kita” means “North” in English. Now you can know that the name of this inn comes from her name “Noriko North”. When she was a child, she blamed that she was born in tea farmers family. Her birthday is in June, but speaking of June is the busiest time for tea-leaf farmers, so that she had never had her family celebrate her birthday with satisfaction.The change was born in such a feeling that the friend came to play at home after she grew up. They were impressed with the taste of tea and the beauty of the plantation.It seems to have reviewed the work of her parents for the first time.After graduating from university, she worked for a financial institution in Kyoto Prefecture, but she wanted that a lot of people knew about the good tea, so she started this inn. Her mother supported her idea and helped persuade the opposing father.

When you enter the inn, the smell of tea is just coming.Noriko immediately treats me with her homemade straight tea.In fact, the sencha that we usually drink has been blended with other tea leaves to make the taste constant every year by wholesalers who bought tea leaves from farmers.So you can’t drink straight tea.I knew it for the first time.As she would like to keep a good service, she just accepts one group of customer per night(5 people at max.).

After the tea is served, you will have a bath until you are ready to eat dinner.The tea is still in the bath.After cleansing your face, the skin is smooth when you rub your face with Noriko’s matcha scrub.

The best thing about this inn is the cuisine.In a nutshell, “Tea Kaiseki”.It is handmade of all Noriko’s invented.

Every dish was really delicious and I ate too much.Recently, about half of the group that comes to stay is a foreign tourist who comes by reputation in SNS.

Noriko’s next dream is to make a café on a hill where you can see the tea plantations before your eyes.It would be bliss to come to drink teas in a place like this.I would like to expect her dream comes true soon.