Higashi Shirakawa Village, “Tea Valley”

Higashi Shirakawa Village, Gifu Pref.,one of the most beautiful villages, is proud of their delicious Japanese green tea, “Shirakawa tea”. Along the river there continues tea plantation on the narrow slope. In the spring when fresh tea leaves come out, lots of photographers come to this village to take breath breaking view. After you take photo of tea plantation, you may drop at “Shirakawa Chaya” to try the most delicious green tea grown at the most beautiful village.    

Nakagawa Village, “Fruits Paradise is here!”

Nakagawa Village, one of the most beautiful villages in Japan, is located just between South and Central Alps and in the middle of the village there goes Tenryu river. Along this river there are genre river terraces on which  various kinds of fruits are grown well throughout the year. Thanks to the temperature difference between day and night and genre sunshine these fruits become so sweet and juicy. Now is the season of apple and Japanese persimmon. You can of course eat fresh Japanese persimmon. But, as you see above photo, they hung and dry them under the sun for a while, then the persimmons become more sweet and preservative food. You can buy them as souvenir. From the winter till early spring you can enjoy strawberries followed by cherry. End of August pear and grape come up to you. For all the fruits you can enjoy pick up by yourselves and eat at the place. Enjoy fruits paradise at Nakagawa village!  

Kiso town, “Nostalgia and Nature” (2) Nature

As I mentioned, Kiso town has two faces. One face is nostalgia which I have introduced you before. Today I would like to let you know another face, “Wonderful Nature” of this old town. After you feel as if you have been transported though time at Fukushima post town and downtown, you may move up to Kaida Kogen. Just about 30mins drive brings you this nice nature paradise. To reach to Kaida Kogen the easiest way is to go through route 361. But, I recommend you to go through old route going across “Jijo Pass”. The road is relatively narrow. But, you can meet nice view on the way to Kaida Kogen. Kiso is also famous for breeding good horses. These horses are not suitable for horse race, but they are so kind and modest that people are relaxed with them. You can ride on the horse in the meadow. Another nice experience is walking tour with the horse in the meadow. This is really something different and precious experience which makes you so relaxed and happy. As for details and schedule of this horse tour, please contact Kiso Ontake Health Laboratory. After relaxing with nature and horse you […]

O-Shika Village , Eat delicious venison at “village of deer”

O-Shika village is one of the most beautiful villages in Japan which is located at southern part of Nagano Pref. The village is surrounded by forest and mountains, that’s why the village is quite nice place for hunting deer and other wild animals. For your information the name of this village “O-Shika” means “Big deer”, from which you can imagine how the village is. Today I’m very happy to introduce you very nice restaurant and inn, “Oyori-Tei” owned and operated by Mr.and Mrs.Akiyama, veteran hunter. Inside the house there is a big hearth on which Mr.Akiyama cooks and serves dinner including venisons. This is the main dish, venison caught by Mr.Akiyama today. This inn just accepts only one group of tourists. So, you may feel that you come to stay at your friend’s house. In the morning you can enjoy nice breakfast served by Mrs.Akiyama at the small arbor outside under the fresh air. The owner’s English is not so perfect, but lots of foreign guests have stayed and enjoyed this inn. So, you don’t have to worry anything and stay at special night at O-Shika village. For details and reservation please contact them directly. The following is their web: […]

Ogawa Village, “Oyaki” soul food for Nagano people

Oyaki is soul food for people living in Nagano, Japan. Oyaki is flat baked flour or buckwheat flour bun stuffed with red bean paste or vegetable filling. At Ogaya Village, Nagano Pref. you can eat just baked “Oyaki” in the nostalgic Japanese house. The bake master bake Oyaki at Japanese traditional fireside. Jomon Oyaki Village is about 5min. drive from downtown of Ogawa Village. Jomon Oyaki Village:  

Takayama Village, “Autumn gourmet waits your visit.”

Takayama Village, Nagano Pref. is located in the east of Nagano city and rich for delicious food and beverage. Especially in the autumn you can see lots of apple trees in the village. The apple here is very juicy and sweet. Takayama wine is a quite a new comer to the wine industry, but they already have lots of award in the wine contest in Japan. You can buy carious kinds of Takayama wines at “Spa Wine Center” located at Yamada Onsen area.invite Together with wine I strongly recommend raw ham made at ham factory “TONYA”. At this moment there is no retail sales available. They just invite ham owners in 35,000 Japanese Yen. Participants can join the initial process of raw ham made and get the ham after one year. This raw ham well match with Takayama wine. For details please contact TONYA by phone: 090-7907-5872. The final local gourmet in the autumn is mushroom Soba noodle. In the mountain nearby they can get various kinds of mushrooms. You can taste this mushroom Soba(or Udon) noodle at restaurant “MIharashi Chaya” located at the foot of Yamaboku snow park.(Yamada meadow) The mushroom soba is available by middle of November. Mihayashi […]

Showa Village, “Nearest Beautiful Village from Tokyo”

Showa Village(Gunma Pref,)is the nearest “most beautiful” village from Tokyo. If you drive by yourself, you can reach there from Tokyo in about 1.5hours using Kanetsu Highway. Throughout the year they grow various kinds of fresh vegetables among which lettuce, cabbage and spinach are so delicious now. These vegetables are not only delicious but also quite beautiful. So, many visitors come here to take photograph of vegetable field with surrounding mountains. If you want to buy these vegetables, you can get them at roadside station “Agream” Showa which is just close to the highway exit. All the vegetables are so fresh and cheap. Many travelers drop here to get them. At Showa village there is less rainfalls and quality of soil is dry so that nice grapes are also grown. There is nice winery “Okutone Winery” on the hill of the village. There is also nice Italian restaurant in this winery. You can have precious lunch in front of grape field and series of mountains. This is their official web; Please enjoy fresh vegetables and delicious wines under autumn sky at Showa Village.

KawaneHoncho , “Beautiful and Delicious!”

Kawane Honcho town is located around middle of Shizuoka pref. and is famous for green tea. Kawane is one of the three major tea cultivation place. Another two is Uji, Kyoto and Sayama, Saitama. Morning fog, pure water and clean air all together make Kawane tea so delicious. But, as you see them, Kawane tea is not only delicious but also quite beautiful as natural view. Especially in spring fresh new leaves come out and you can enjoy green carpet view all around Kawane Honcho. Furthermore if you would like to do so, you can pick up tea leaves by yourselves with tea girl consume. For tea pick up experience please contact “Yamakasho tea farm”. You can drink green tea which you have just picked up. Please enjoy Japanese green tea by taste and view at Kawane Honcho.

Sai Village, “Wonderful seafood dishes are here!”

Thanks to bountiful sea of the Tsugaru Straits at Sai village sea urchins grow well and you can enjoy their rich taste from May till August. Especially in June every year Sai sea urchin festival is held at downtown of Sai. Lots of visitors come to enjoy fresh sea urchin in these 2 days. There is also famous food named “Unigiri”. “Onigiri” is rice ball and “Uni” is sea urchin in Japanese language. Mixed with “Onigiri” and “Uni” it becomes “Unigiri”, the rice ball with sea urchin. You can taste this rice ball with sea urchin “Unigiri” at the restaurant “Chokotto” located at Alsus, the information center of Sai village. Enjoy very delicious sea urchin at Sai village!

Takko, “Garlic Steak Rice”

When you visit Takko, please don’t fail to taste “Garlic Steak Rice”. The welcome drink is “garlic coke”. It tastes real coke but after you drink up you surely feel that it contains garlic inside. The appetizer is 9 kinds of dishes, all of which using garlics. After the appetizer you cook 3 kinds of meat by yourself and put it to the rice ball with garlic sauce. I can call this this “Meat Sushi with garlic”. All of the meats are so juicy and match with garlic rice. Even the dessert is garlic ice-cream. This garlic steak rice is just Yen1,500. only! Can you believe it? You can taste this cuisine at three restaurant in the downtown of Takko, 1) Takko garlic center 2) “Nakui” restaurant 3) Yu Sushi Owner and main chef of Yu Sushi, Mr.Sato mentioned that year by year “Garlic Steak Rice” funs are increasing and come to Takko to taste the dishes every year. He would like to renovate the “Garlic Steak Rice” to welcome all the visitors to Takko. Have a nice appetite at Takko!