One of the most beautiful villages in Japan, Motoyama town, Kochi Prefecture.

When you visit Motoyama town, you are recommended to see rice terrace at Yoshinobu, called as rice terrace high in the sly.

I have also seen a number of rice terraces throughout the country Japan, but the scale and beauty of this one have been pulled out.

The rice “Tenkuu no Sato” which is made in this rice terrace is have got two consecutive years gold medal in the National Rice contest.But the production volume is small, so we will not be able to see it.As it is sold at the local road station, please be sure to buy it.

Mr,Maeda is making rice in this rice terrace and breeding Tosa-red cattle.To leave this landscape in the future, he throw his best every day.

In addition to taking pictures in the terraced rice terraces, I would like to encourage him to eat their rice and cows.