Fishing on the ice

In Japan especially in northern part of Japan it is so cold every day. But, thanks to cold weather we can enjoy nice fishing on the ice at Hibara Lake, Kitashiobara village, Fukushima Pref, Of course you can dig the small holes to put the fishing line under the ice by yourself. But, if you are beginner of fishing, you might join the fishing arranged by “Lodge Hibara”. They install special house on the lake in the winter in which you can enjoy fishing in warm condition. To this house they bring you by a sled. For more details please contact “Lodge Hibara”. http://minshuku-hibara.com

Maze village, “E-bike tour is now booming here!”

Maze village(now merged into Gero city) is located at Hida region of Gifu pref. Close to the village there is a famous city “Takayama” where lots of foreign travelers visit throughout the year. Recently one tour attracts lots of  foreign travelers at Takayama. That is “E-Bike” tour at Maze village, The tour starts from JR Hida-Hagiwara station. Please take the express train from Takayama station for Nagoya. Then you can arrive at Hida-Hagiwara station at 8:36. At this station the tour guide Mr.Daisuke Seko meets you and the fantastic experience stars from here. After explanation how to ride the bike, you may move to the Suwa shrine which is close to the station. The shrine stands on the Hagiwara Suwa Castle ruin. At the shrine Mr.Daisuke talks about the general information of this area as well as history even over centuries ago. In order to enjoy the tour more the preliminary knowledge about this area might be quite helpful. After the shrine you may walk along the downtown of Hagiwara for a while. After that the tour finally moves forward to Maze Village. The distance is approx. 10km from Hagiwara to Maze village. But, thanks to E-Bike it is not […]

Maze Village, “Japanese country life experience”

Maze Village(currently merged into Gero city), one of the most beautiful villages in Japan, is located at Hida region where famous town Takayama is also located. The village is surrounded by the mountains and the beautiful river, Maze river, goes through the village. At this village you can experience Japanese country life. Currently the most popular experience is to cook local snack “Gohei-mochi”, At first you may grind the boiled rice. Then you form the rice into your favorite shape. You put the rice cake to the fire. After the rice cake is slightly baked, you put the sauce on the both side and return to fire again. Finally “Gohei-mochi” is ready!  Have a nice appetite! The second experience is to catch fishes by hands at the river. This experience attracts not only children but also adult. For details and reservation please contact Maze tourist bureau. http://mazekanko.jp/en/index.html

Nagiso town, Walk along ancient path “Nakasendo”

Nakasendo was one of the main route between Tokyo(Edo) and Kyoto in Edo era.(17-mid 19 century) Along Nakasendo there are lots of post towns where tourists take rest and stay overnight. Along the Kiso river there were 11 post towns among which Tsumago-juku and Magome-juku still attract lots of tourist including overseas visitors. From Tsumago-juku(located at Nagiso town) you can walk to the next post town “Magome-juku) along the ancient Nakasendo. There is approx. 8km length hiking trail between two post towns. It may take about 3hours. After you walk through you can get the certificate at the tourist bureau. You may feel as if you are transported through time to ancient Japan.  

Showa Village, “Do you want to become a bird?”

At Showa Village, Gunma Pref. the most recommended activity is paraglider. You can enjoy beautiful patchwork of vegetable field from the sky. Even beginners can try with assistance of instructor. For details and reservation please contact them via email or phone. This is their official web; https://www.wingbeat.jp You can become a bird at Showa Village!  

Hayakawa town, “Trekking on South Alps”

There are series of famous mountains of “South Alps” along with Hayakawa town. If you would like to climb these mountains, you are recommended to join to the party arranged by “South Alps Guide club”. Their web is as below; http://magc.jp (Japanese only) Among the guide tours there is one even beginners can join. In this tour you can go up to Japanese “Machu Piicchu” Mogura area. After climbing the mountains, you can be relaxed at the hot spa in the town. Mountain trekking and hot spa might be the best combination when you stay at Hayakawa town.

Hayakawa town, “Training by Waterfall”

Many visitors to Shichimensan and Minobusan come to “Otaki Bentendo temple” to have waterfall training. Otaki Bentendo temple is located at the foot of Shichimensan. The temple is located just beyond this red bridge. At the temple you ask chief priest for waterfall training. Then he rend you special consume for the training and explain how to make training. There is no fee requested for this training but donation to the temple might be recommended. You surely have strong mind and body by this training.  

Matsuzaki town, “Outdoor activity throughout the year!”

Matsuzaki town is located at the south Izu where the climate is quite warm throughout the year. So, you can enjoy various kinds of sea activity including sea kayak, SUP and scuba diving. http://www.nckkayak.com https://nishi-izu-sup.amebaownd.com http://kumomi-hamayu.com If you like fishing, you can get on the fishing boat. In addition to sea activities you can also try mountain bike at Matsuzaki, There is nice trail course in the mountain where both of beginners and veterans can enjoy bike ride. For details and reservation please contact the following; https://yamabushi-trail-tour.com/e/index.html Enjoy wonderful outdoor activities at Matsuzaki!  

Takko, “Autumn event”

On October 21(Sun) Japanese Soba noodle event will be held at Takko town. There is water turbine in the buckwheat field. On this day they use this water turbine to mill buckwheat. Visitors enjoy the fresh Soba noodle under autumn sky with fresh air. At the time of Soba noodle event autumn leaves might be also the best time to enjoy. Why don’t you visit “Miroku” waterfall after you eat soba noodle? Another fun might be experience to bake rice cracker at Soyu Village. There are some Japanese traditional houses with thatched roofs there and you bake rice cracker inside. That might be vert Japanese experience for you. Hace a wonderful autumn day at Takko!

Takko, “Town of Garlic and Big Trees”

Tacco is small town located at south edge of Aomori Pref. From Tokyo you take Tohoku Shinkansen(Bullet Train) down to Hachinohe and change to the local line and go by Sannohe. From Sannohe you may take taxi or bus to reach to Takko. Takko is famous for the best garlic and big trees. Firs of all I would like to let you know about the events related to garlic throughout the year. The first event is “Garlic Festival” held in the weekend of end of February. In this event there is the competition of garlic cuisine. You can try carious kinds of garlic cuisines and select the best one among them. At the event “Garlic Lady” is also nominated, who might work for the promotion of Takko garlic in the next proceeding year. The next event is harvest festival of garlics held in the weekend of June.(2 days) You can get the fresh garlic by yourself and eat them at the garlic field. The fresh garlic is quite rare for all of us, so it might be very nice experience to participate with this event. The last event is garlic and BBQ festival held in the first weekend of October. […]

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