To reach to Kikaijima Island you have to take boat from Amami OShima or flight from Kagoshima. In any case it may take considerable time to reach here. That’s why the travelers here are highly recommended to stay several days even a week here to enjoy slow island life. 

It is my great pleasure to introduce you nice young guy who may support your slow life at Kikaijima Island. He is Mr.Soichiro Taneda, founder of “Southern Beats” offering you various kinds of marine activities. The most popular activity is SUP. Of course you can enjoy SUP under the clear sky, but here in Kikaijima “Sunser” SUP is quite attractive. You can enjoy breathless sunset on the SUP.

Mr.Taneda also offers you glamping. You can see countless stars at night and get up with twitter of small birds.

For details please contact him to his mobile: 080-8371-8848

      There are many hotels and guest houses in the island. If you really stay for a week here, I would like to introduce you nice guest house called “Omotenashi House”. This is full furnished house where 6 persons can stay. The fee per night per person is just \2500 only.

  In the island there any many nice restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine, sea foods and goat meet dishes.

  This island is good not only to us but also butterflies. You can enjoy colorful butterflies anywhere in the island, especially in the fall.   

  As a chief concierge in Japan, I guarantee your wonderful slow life here in Kikaijima. Enjoy your Island Life!