At Nishimeya Village there is furniture factory using beech trees. The name is “Bunaco” and the factory uses the building which was local preliminary school.

 The production flow of Bunaco is as below:

Slice the beech tree into 1mm sheet

Cur the sheet into narrow tape

Wing the tape forming the coil

  The coil is extruded into various shape by hand.

  Due to the unique structure of Bunaco they can realize quite flexible form unlike other wooden furniture.

Among lots of products the most popular one is light cover. You are surely satisfied with the warmness of the wood and artistic form realized by the skillful craftspeople.

 At the factory you can watch the manufacturing process of Bunaco at any operating hours. Also you can even make your own Bunaco by yourself.(The reservation in advance is required.)

 There is also cafe beside the factory where you can see lots of Bunaco products.

 For more details please refer their official web;