Nishimeya Village, located at Aomori pref. is famous for Shirakami Sanchi, mountainous region between Aomori and Akita Prefecture. Shirakami Sanchi is the first UNESCO World Heritage. The region displays museum-like scenery of forests predominantly consisting of Japanese Beach.

  Thanks to this Shirakami Sanchi Nishimeya Villages has just been approved as one of the most beautiful villages in Japan in this June. There are several trekking routes inside the forest. The most popular one is to go up to the Anmon Waterfalls and then walk around the beach forest. (Approx 3 hours route)

   You can enjoy trekking by yourselves, but I strongly recommend you to ask mountain guide. This time Mr.Kudo, veteran mountain guide, who has walked this mountain region for more than 60 years. He is “Matagi”, professional bear hunter. He really knows a lot about this forest and teach me quite interesting stories.

    For details of guide tour please contact Shitakami Sanchi Guide Cliub;

After nice trekking at Shirakami Sanchi you can relax at nice hot spring at Shirakami Tourist Inn located at the center of Nishimeya Village.