Chasing cherry blossoms at the most beautiful villages in Japan

In my previous article I introduced you new travel route to chase autumn leaves of the most beautiful villages in Nagano Pref. Today I would like to let you know that you even can chase cherry blossoms in the spring by going the same route. But, this time you may go from south to north. The first destination is Nakagawa village.(the last destination for autumn leaves). In the spring at Nakagawa village you are recommended to taste sweet cherries. The second destination is Oshika village. In the downtown of Oshika there is a nice park called “Onishi Park” You can enjoy cherry blossoms with mountains covered with snow. The third destination is Takato. Cherry blossom at Takato castle ruin is said to be one of the best three most beautiful cherry blossom spots in Japan. At Takato after cherry blossom is over you can enjoy beautiful roses at the rose garden in the town. The forth destination is Hara village. Cherry blossoms with Mt.Yatsugatake is really so nice. The fifth destination is Takayama village. Every year lots of visitors come here to shoot the picture of big cherry blossom tree with rape flowers. The final destination is Ogawa village which […]

Chasing the autumnal leaves of the most beautiful village of Japan

Introducing the new route of the autumn leaves of the most beautiful village in Japan.The place is Nagano Prefecture.First of all, Takayama village. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "medium" link = "file" ids = "2120, 2117"] The starry sky is also a big tourist resource in High mountain village, about 20km east of Nagano city.If you stay at Yamada Ranch, which is more than 1000 meters altitude, you can enjoy this stardust.It takes about two hours by car from Takayama Village to the South by the expressway and arrives at Haramura, the next destination.In Haramura, surrounded by high mountains, including Yatsugatake, you can enjoy beautiful foliage with snow-covered mountains. [Gallery size = "Medium" ids = "1849, 1847, 1844"] as well as the high mountain village, the starry sky of Hara is also recommended.There are a lot of lovely cottages and pensions in the village. The third destination is Takato (INA city), just an hour's drive from Haramura.Takato Castle Park is famous for its cherry blossoms in the spring, but in fact the leaves are also very beautiful. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "1919, 1921"] when you come to Takato, please enjoy a leisurely wait.In the […]

Koisago Village, “Growing Natural Forest Museum”

Kousago, the northern part of Nagagawa town, Tochigi Pref. is one of the most beautiful villages in Japan. This area is typical Japanese “Satoyama” where old Japanese culture remains unchanged. About 6 years ago one creator came this village and was impressed with the beautiful forest. She would like to make best use of the forest and made some sculptures using the tree of the forest as it is. These arts were known to other creators, and from that time on other creators come to this forest and make new sculptures every spring. Now the total sum of such sculptures are more than ten. This is growing Satoyama natural museum!  

Hara Village, “360 degree panoramic view with fresh vegetables”

Hara Village. Nagano Pref. is located just aside to Yatsugatake mountain range and famous for growing various kinds of nice vegetables including cabbage, celery and pumpkin. In addition to Yatsugatake mountain range you can enjoy northern Alps, southern Alps and even world heritage Mt.Fuji. The wonderful view is not only daytime. Sunrise, sunset and star at night might surely let you feel that you visit the most beautiful village in Japan.  

Oshika Village, “Tenkuu-no-ike(Pond in the sky high)”

At Oshika Village there is a famous view spot called “Tenkuu-no-ike” (Pond in the sky high). This pond is like a mirror close to the sky. Lots of photographers come to shoot the mysterious view. However, unfortunately the access road to this pond is temporarily closed due to the damage by huge typhoon. At this moment the recovery of the access road may not be finished by the spring, 2019. Please contact Oshika tourist office for the update.

Nagiso town “Autumn leaves at Kakizore Gorge”

Nagiso town, Nagano Pref., one of the most beautiful villages in Japan is located along the Kiso river. Now is the best time to enjoy autumn leaves at Kakizore gorge. Kiso river(229km long) forms the Kiso Valley of Nagano and empties into Ise Bay. Over time it has shaped the valley offering visitors unique landscapes and views. Kakizore Gorge is one of such landscapes. It takes about 10mins from downtown of Nagiso by car to the parking of this gorge. You can enjoy trekking along the beautiful river to reach to the “Ushigataki” waterfall. As you see the photo above, the water here is really pure and beautiful. You surely may be impressed.    

Nakagawa Village, “360 degree panoramic view from Mt.Jinbagatayama”

Nakagawa village, one of the most beautiful village, is located just in the middle of Central and South Alps. In the village there is very popular mountain called “Jinbagatayama”. You can either climb from the downtown or go by car.  It takes about 6 hours to climb up to the summit of the mountain and come back to downtown. On the top of the mountain there is also camping space available. Please enjoy wonderful view!

Kiso Town, “Nostalgia and Nature” (1) Nostalgia

Kiso town was one of the most famous and prosperous post towns along the “Nakasendo” which was the major route between Tokyo(Edo) and Kyoto. This town has 2 faces for the tourists now. The first face is nostalgia of old days of Japan. As mentioned above, this town was so important post town that many businessmen and tourists came and stayed here. If you walk around the downtown, you can feel the prosperity in those days. The places to be visited are 1) Fukushima post town Once you comes into this post town, you may feel as if you have been transported through time. 2) Barrier station In old days of Japan people did not have freedom to visit different places. So, at each important places there were barriers like here to check all the travelers.(like passport control now) At Edo period they made 53 barriers including most famous one “Hakone” to protect the strangers from coming into Edo(Tokyo). Now everybody can go through this barrier including foreign travelers without any check. 3) Downtown After you successfully go though the barrier, you can enjoy downtown walking and shopping. Not like Harajuku Tokyo, you can see and feel old days of […]

Kuni Village, “Recreation Forest Lake Nozori”

Kuni Village, Gunma Pref.(now merged into Navanojo town) offer you beautiful nature landscapes. The first one is Recreation Forest “Lake Nozori”. Lake Nozori is a man-made lake which was Japanese first rock-hill dam built in 1956 for hydroelectric power generation. This lake is chosen as one of the best dam lakes in Japan and the footpath around the lake was selected as one of the best 100 walking routes. Now you can see autumn leaves. In early summer you can enjoy azalea followed by orange-yellow day lilies.  

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