“There is nothing we don’t have!”, this is the catch copy of Ama Town, Shimane Pref. located approx. 60km from main island. We can reach to this small island by ferry in about 4 hours.


     They put 2 meanings to this catch copy. The first meaning is “We don’t care even though we don’t have.” There is no convenience store in the island, but they don’ t care. The second meaning is that we have everything here to enjoy happy life. I would like to let you know one interesting number. The population of this island is 2300, among which 20% people come to live in this island from other place. In most of rural places of Japan quite small number of people move to live there because of its conservative atmosphere. You can also understand this phenomena after you go around this island.

  As transportation, the rental bicycle is the most convenient. I recommend you to rent bicycle with electric motor assistance. The fee is Yen1000 per each 3 hours. You can rent is at Ama town tourist office.

 You can get wonderful views in various places in the island. If you get thirsty, you don’t have to buy drinks. You just go to “Tenkawa Water Fountain”, which is nominated one of the best hundred nice water in Japan.

  In the evening why don’t you go to Hisuga coast to enjoy beautiful sunset.

 One day bicycle trip may let you understand the true meaning of “There is nothing we don’t have.”

Enjoy your stay!