Takamori town is located at southern part of Aso mountain range and popular for mountain climbers. The most famous mountain here is Mt.Negodake which you can see from anywhere in the town.

  Takamori is also nice warming area and many photographers come here to shoot photos at Sugayama rice terrace.

   In Tamamori town there are several famous power spots. The first one is “Takamoridon” Japanese cedars. The pair of cedars is more than 400 years old and said to be good for matchmaking.

   The next power spot is Kami-Shikimi Kumanoimasu Shrine. There are more than 100 lanterns along the approach to the shrine, which give you mysterious impression. Behind the shrine there is big rock with hole in the middle. If you can touch this rock, you can get good luck for examination, game and contest.

This shrine is also famous for animation lovers, because this place was used in the popular animation movie “Hotarubi no Mori”.


 The last power spot is Kusabe Yoshimi shrine. You go down from the gateway to the shrine, which is quite unique. There are only two more shrines in Japan with same structure.


 At Takamori town, please charge your good luck and power.