According to the Japanese mythology, Amaterasu’s grandson, Ninigi-no-Mikoto came down to the top of Mt.Takachiho, currently from the heaven to establish this country, Japan.  On the top of the mountain there is a big sward stuck to the earth. Nothing is sure when, why, how and who stuck this sward here. But, it is said that this sward was stuck to the earth wishing no more use in the war. From the downtown of Takaharu to the top of this mountain it takes about 2 hours, so please have enough time if you would like to climb this mountain.

   After climbing Mt.Takachiho, why don’t you visit some shrines to wish your good luck. The first shrine is Kirishima East Shrine. As the mail gods of this shrine, “Izanagi-no-Mikoto” and “Izanami-no-Mikoto” are enshrined. The 10th Japanese emperor “Suzin emperor” established this shrine.

  The second shrine is Sano Shrine. This shrine stands on the place where the first Japanese emperor “Jinmu” was said to be born.

  The third shrine is Kasumi shrine. From the top of this shrine you can see Mt.Kirishima and town of Takaharu.

 It might be very spiritual trip for you.