The most beautiful village in Japan, Kamikatsu town.

The Café “Asagiri-Tei”, which is scheduled to open soon in front of the Kashihara rice terraces, which is selected for top 100 beautiful rice terraces in Japan,It is in a great location overlooking the beautiful rice terraces.

The owner of this café, Mr. Motoki.He used to run a restaurant in another town, but he declared his retirement a few years ago, handed the restaurant to his son, rented a old house in front of this rice terrace and started a inn and soba noodle restaurant.

Mr. Motoaki, owner of the Cafe

In parallel, he has been developing products using local ingredients, soba, somen and pasta.

And now he will open this cafe to let more and more people know the beauty of this rice terrace.This A full-fledged stone kiln is introduced for baking pizza. He would like to welcome visitors with pizza and nice wines. It’s exciting to imagine pizza and wine in this environment.In summer, we tilt a glass of wine while gazing at the night sky.You will be able to experience a priceless thing here.