Kobe beef is one of the most delicious beefs in Japan, and many gourmet people want to eat it. In fact Kobe beef is fed at Tajima area. Among all Tajima beef just high quality beef is provided as Kobe beef as you see the table below:  

    Once you come to Ojiro Village, you can see series of rice terraces along the street. In the past there were no agriculture machines and the cows were the most important partners for farmers to plow the fields.

     “Ueyama Rice Terrace” is one of the best 100 beautiful rice terraces in Japan. However, in recent days less farmers make rices here and more and more rice fields are not used and become waste field. To avoid further waste 13 young guys of this area has started to cultivate rices here. Mr.Kobayashi is one of such important guys here.

  Even after the role of the cows for the rice field was over the relationship of Ojiro people and cows continue, and now the cows become important revenue source for the area. Mr.Imai is of the Tajima beef breeders in this area and his beefs got lots of prizes in Japan.

  If you want to buy Tajima beef, you can go to “Beef Shop Ueda” located in the center of the village. The owner of the shop has repeated try and error and reached to the best fat beef now whose brand name is “Tajimaguro”. Once you taste it, you feel real happiness to visit Japan.