The most beautiful village in Japan, Ine town in the Tango Peninsula, Kyoto pref.

After the tour of the Funaya houses, you should definitely come and eat this seafood bowl.It looks so delicious, doesn’t it! .yes.It’s really good.I have also eaten seafood rice bowl in various places nationwide, but this seafood bowl is definitely the best in cost performance.The location is also good.Actually, this shop is in the corner of the road station IneFunaya. Honestly, the restaurant at the road is not very good, so I can not expect to eat very rarely, but this shop is different.The freshness of the fish is outstanding, the fillets are large, thick, and rich in variety.That’s 1,500 yen and that’s a surprise price.

From the window you can view the Funoya of Ine.

Lunch time is from 12:00, but it will become full soon with the opening, so I recommend waiting in front of the store about 30 minutes before.

Aburaya see food restaurant