Nakagawa Village, one of the most beautiful villages in Japan, is located just between South and Central

Alps and in the middle of the village there goes Tenryu river. Along this river there are genre river terraces

on which  various kinds of fruits are grown well throughout the year.

Thanks to the temperature difference between day and night and genre sunshine these fruits become

so sweet and juicy.

Now is the season of apple and Japanese persimmon.

You can of course eat fresh Japanese persimmon. But, as you see above photo, they hung and dry them under the sun for a while, then the persimmons become more sweet and preservative food. You can buy them as souvenir.

From the winter till early spring you can enjoy strawberries followed by cherry.

End of August pear and grape come up to you.

For all the fruits you can enjoy pick up by yourselves and eat at the place.

Enjoy fruits paradise at Nakagawa village!