As I mentioned, Kiso town has two faces. One face is nostalgia which I have introduced you before.

Today I would like to let you know another face, “Wonderful Nature” of this old town.

After you feel as if you have been transported though time at Fukushima post town and

downtown, you may move up to Kaida Kogen. Just about 30mins drive brings you this nice nature


To reach to Kaida Kogen the easiest way is to go through route 361. But, I recommend you to go

through old route going across “Jijo Pass”.

The road is relatively narrow. But, you can meet nice view on the way to Kaida Kogen.

Kiso is also famous for breeding good horses.

These horses are not suitable for horse race, but they are so kind and modest that people are relaxed with them.

You can ride on the horse in the meadow.

Another nice experience is walking tour with the horse in the meadow. This is really something different and

precious experience which makes you so relaxed and happy.

As for details and schedule of this horse tour, please contact Kiso Ontake Health Laboratory.

After relaxing with nature and horse you may be a little bit hungry. Then why not tasting nice ice cream

just close to the meadow.

There are various tastes of ice creams here. The most popular one is corn taste. The corn brown in Kaida Kogen

is very sweet. They use this corn to make ice cream.

I’m sure that you are satisfied with their taste.

Have a wonderful stay at Kiso town by both faces of the town, nostalgia and nature!