Takayama Village, Nagano Pref. is located in the east of Nagano city and rich for delicious food and


Especially in the autumn you can see lots of apple trees in the village.

The apple here is very juicy and sweet.

Takayama wine is a quite a new comer to the wine industry, but they already have lots of award in the

wine contest in Japan.

You can buy carious kinds of Takayama wines at “Spa Wine Center” located at Yamada Onsen area.invite

Together with wine I strongly recommend raw ham made at ham factory “TONYA”.

At this moment there is no retail sales available. They just invite ham owners in 35,000 Japanese Yen.

Participants can join the initial process of raw ham made and get the ham after one year.

This raw ham well match with Takayama wine.

For details please contact TONYA by phone: 090-7907-5872.

The final local gourmet in the autumn is mushroom Soba noodle.

In the mountain nearby they can get various kinds of mushrooms.

You can taste this mushroom Soba(or Udon) noodle at restaurant “MIharashi Chaya” located at the

foot of Yamaboku snow park.(Yamada meadow)

The mushroom soba is available by middle of November.

Mihayashi Chaya: 026-242-2804

Have a nice appetite at Takayama Village!