It is my great pleasure to let you know some wonderful gourmets in Ojika Island. The first one is local small restaurant called “Furusato”(Hometown in Japanese). You can eat series of home made dishes of Japanese traditional rural part. Among them the best selected menu by tourists is “Furusato Special”, assorted dishes including Sashimi and roast fish. The fishes here are all locally caught and so fresh.

In this region noodle called “Chan-pong” is also quite popular. Noodle with poke bone broth and vegetables and sea foods is provided at the restaurant “Otoya” operated by local singer-song-writer, Mr.Bebenkovich. In the dinner time Mr.Bebenkovich sometimes even holds private concert at the restaurant.

     The final shop is bakery called “KojiKoji Bakery”. One young lady moved to this island and opened this small bakery in this year. She does not use any butter, milk nor egg but sweet potato locally made. As the taste of her breads is so nice, all the breads are sold out very quickly. So, please rush!

 All the above are located close to the Ferry terminal. You can ask the location at Ojika Island Tourism.