When you come to Ama town, you are strongly recommended to taste Oki Beef. Most of the famous beef such as Kobe, Matsuzaka, Yonezawa beef are born at different place and moved there for fattening. But, Oki Beef is born and brought in the same island without any stress. This is the big advantage.

You can eat and buy Oki beef at the restaurant just in front of the ferry terminal. You can enjoy beef lunch just at 1800yen only.

     Another famous dish in Ama town is squid bowl. As they keep the squid in CAS cold storage, you can enjoy very fresh squid throughout the year. They serve the squid dipped with soy sauce and squid lever. On the top of the bowl, they put fresh egg. This dish is also surprisingly delicious. Please try.


 As souvenir, you can buy dried squid. This is quite nice for drinking beer.

 Have a nice appetite at Ama town!