When you visit Takko, please don’t fail to taste “Garlic Steak Rice”.

The welcome drink is “garlic coke”.

It tastes real coke but after you drink up you surely feel that it contains garlic inside.

The appetizer is 9 kinds of dishes, all of which using garlics.

After the appetizer you cook 3 kinds of meat by yourself and put it to the rice ball with garlic sauce.

I can call this this “Meat Sushi with garlic”.

All of the meats are so juicy and match with garlic rice.

Even the dessert is garlic ice-cream.

This garlic steak rice is just Yen1,500. only! Can you believe it?

You can taste this cuisine at three restaurant in the downtown of Takko,

1) Takko garlic center

2) “Nakui” restaurant

3) Yu Sushi

Owner and main chef of Yu Sushi, Mr.Sato mentioned that year by year “Garlic Steak Rice”

funs are increasing and come to Takko to taste the dishes every year.

He would like to renovate the “Garlic Steak Rice” to welcome all the visitors to Takko.

Have a nice appetite at Takko!