Thanks to bountiful sea of the Tsugaru Straits at Sai village sea urchins grow well

and you can enjoy their rich taste from May till August.

Especially in June every year Sai sea urchin festival is held at downtown of Sai.

Lots of visitors come to enjoy fresh sea urchin in these 2 days.

There is also famous food named “Unigiri”.

“Onigiri” is rice ball and “Uni” is sea urchin in Japanese language.

Mixed with “Onigiri” and “Uni” it becomes “Unigiri”, the rice ball with sea urchin.

You can taste this rice ball with sea urchin “Unigiri” at the restaurant “Chokotto” located at Alsus, the information

center of Sai village.

Enjoy very delicious sea urchin at Sai village!