“Travel as if you live here” is catchphrase of Ojika Island. In this island you are recommended to stay at lodging at a private residence.guest house operated by village people. This time I stayed at new lodging called “Yasa”. This lodging is operated by Mr.and Mrs.Hasegawa who moved to this island from Tokyo. This house is 100 years old and renovated by them with the help of Mr.Brett Rasmussen who is working as English language teacher in this island.

  Upon opening the door you can see the kitchen where Mrs.Hasegawa prepares dinner for you. There are several rooms in this house. At this moment six visitors can stay overnight. The dishes are all prepared by Mr.and Mrs.Hasegawa using all local food. You can soon understand how fresh they are. All the visitors and Mr.and Mrs.Hasegawa together have dinner at the same table. The atmosphere here is really like to enjoy friends house. You can know how comfortable it is from the photo below.

 Not only dinner but also nice breakfast might satisfy you.

 Mr.and Mrs.Hasegawa would like to share country life to all the visitors and operate this guest house.

 For more details and reservation please refer their official web; https://www.yanoyanoie.com/