If you are going to stay at the Soni village, this is a great place to stay.It is a hotel that can travel in time in old times using the old house of 120 years built.

The farming tools and tools used in the old farm village are decorated here and there when entering the entrance.It is so that it is mistaken that it came to the museum.

The bath of the boast is a rock bath.You can relax slowly.

Boasting rock baths

Dinner is a satoyama dish that takes advantage of local ingredients.

And what I liked most is the catchphrase here.It's only green, air and time.But I think these three factors are the most sought after in modern society.

At check-out there is also a souvenir of your husband's autograph, really very satisfying inn.The Master of the Inn is the head of the local tourism association, so you can collect various kinds of information, and there are many customers from overseas recently.