Akagawa village is the only one village located on the crater caused by violent explosion of

a volcano of Mt.Yoteizan.

Mt.Yoteizan with Akagawa village in front

The village is purely farm area where you can stay at ease.

There are 2 recommended places you might stay in Akaigawa.

The first one is “Play park Akaigawa TOMO”. You can stay at very cute cottage from which you can even

enjoy wonderful stars at night.

Also there are various kinds of actives available in the facility.

You can get more detailed info of this facility in their official web;


One more hotel I offer you is “Hiruneno-sato”, small farm house hotel close to downtown.

The tomato juice and bacon made by the owner is surprisingly delicious.

You are surely satisfied with their hospitality.

http://hirunenosato.jp (Japanese only)