Takamori town is located at the foot of Mt.Negodake, one of the most famous mountain around Aso area. Today I would like to introduce you nice lodge suitable for mountain climbers. The owner family, Mr. and Mrs.Terasaki moved from Fukuoka to this town to live close to the mountains.

  You can get valuable information not only about mountains in each season, but also gourmet and hot spring information after climbing mountains.

Dinner and breakfast Mrs.Terasaki cooks are also very nice. She uses local food to let visitors feel at home. You can charge to your body before and after climbing mountains.

 From the window of the lodge you can take wonderful view of Mt.Negodake and Nakadake, both are Mt.Aso range.


  From this lodge you can also go other mountains such as Mt.Kujuu, Mt.Sobo in one day trip.

 The name of this wonderful lodge is “Kin”. You can know the details in their web;