Esashi town is located in about 1.5 hours drive(70km) from Hakodate.

So, you can enjoy one day trip from Hakodate.

This town still remains its prosperous assets when herring fishing was

very successful.

To enjoy this town I recommend you to wear Japanese Kimono at first.

You  can make reservation of the rental of Kimono as well as hair setting and

Kimono wearing at “Kamiyuiya” shop located at Esashi Inishie Road.


Phone: 0139-52-6565

Price: ¥2000 for Kimono rental and ¥1000 for hair setting

You can choose your favorite Kimono at the shop.

After you wear Kimono and arrange your hair, let’s start walking along the

Esashi Inishie Road.

Many of the buildings from the prosperous days including wholesale warehouses, tradesmen’s houses,

shrines and temples still remain in the downtown area of Esashi along the coast.

You can watch these historical assets in the Inishie Road.

After you walk along Inishie Road, why don’t you listen traditional Japanese folk music “Esashi


Esashi Oiwake is the song to encourage the boatmen for successful catching of the fishes.

The Esashi Oiwake Hall is located just close to Inishie Road, which you can easily find.

The live performance is made three times a day, 11am, 1pm and 3pm respectively.

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