Iwaki town is located at the foot of Mt.Iwaki, one of the most famous mountains in
northern area of Japan. You can go there by bus from JR Hirosaki station.
You can see this beautiful mountain over apple field throughout the year.
Just after cherry blossom is over the pretty white flowers come out.
These are the apple flowers.  In this season the Mt.Iwaki is still covered with snow.
In the autumn the apples grow up and you can enjoy this view.

Of course you can climb the Mt.Iwaki if you want to do so. There are several ways to reach to the top of

Mt.Iwaki, among which most famous one is to start from Iwaki shrine.

Maybe you may ask good luck and safe trip at Iwaki shrine.

It takes about 5hours from Iwaki shrine to the top of Mt.Iwaki.

If you don’t have enough time, there is an option to go by car on Iwaki Skyline to the parking and change to

the lift, then you can reach to 90% of the mountain.

But still you have to walk in about 30-40min to the summit. You can enjoy panoramic view from the summit.

After climbing the mountain you may relax at the hot spring at the foot of the mountain.

Enjoy your nice day at Mt.Iwaki!