Mishima town, Fukushima pref. is one of the most beautiful villages in Japan.

In the middle of the town Tadami river goes through, so there are many viewpoints

of the bridges.

The most famous one is “Tadami river first bridge” .

This bridge is so famous for train lovers and many photographers come to shoot photo

through out the year.


You can reach to this viewpoint in about 5 min.walk from “Drive-inn Mishima”.

Drive-inn Mishima

To Drive-in Mishima there is shuttle bus service available from JR Aizu Miyashita station.

Aizu Miyashita station

This is the time table of the trains which go through first Tatami river bridge.

Time table of the trains

After taking nice photo you are recommended to taste ice cream made from tung charcoal.

It tastes like chocolate.

Tung charcoal ice cream

Another famous view spot is located at the edge of downtown Miyashita, walking distance

from JR Aizu Miyashita station.

Here you can see three bridges in a raw. This is quite unique view even in Japan.

In addition to the above viewpoints you may find your own favorite photo spots in the


Have a nice bridge tour in Mishima town!