British woman Isabella Bird (famous traveller between late 19 century and early 20 century)

was so impressed with warm hospitality and breathtaking view of Iide town and called this

area “Oriental Arcadia”.(Shangri-La)

In Iide town there are 2 major view points;

Iide Mountain Range

Iide Mountain Range is called as Alps of Tohoku area and you can see

peaks of over 2000m mountains over Lake Shirakawa.

Scattered Houses Village in the Paddy field

The houses scattered in the space bounded by the vast countryside

“Sankyo-son”(Scattered House Village) that plant the tall trees called “Yashiki-rin” around the

house is a wisdom to protect their homes from the harsh wind and snow, and it form one of

the good old and valuable landscape in Japan.

General Information of Iide town

Located approx. 350km north from Tokyo

Transportation from Tokyo

Tokyo – Yonezawa: 2 hours by JR Tohoku Shinkansen(bullet train) Tsubasa

Yonezawa – Uzen Tsubaki: 40min by JR Yonesaka Line

At Uzen Tsubaki station you can consult with Iide town tourist Information.