KawaneHoncho is located almost in the middle of Shizuoka Pref. You can reach here by car

in about an hour(approx.40km) from Shizuoka(Mt.Fuji) airport.

Because there is a wide and long river called  “Oigawa” through KawaneHoncho there are lots of

suspension bridges crossing this river in the town.

Among them I would like to introduce you several nice view bridges to you.

The first one is “Rainbow Bridge” on which there is railway station “Okuoi Kojoeki” of Oi line.

As the station is located on the middle island of the lake passengers should walk along the railway.

It might be quite unusual experience to walk out from the station along the railway.

The next suspension bridge is called as “Dreaming Suspension Bridge”(“Yumeno Tsuribashi” in Japanese).

This bridge is located in about 30min. walk from Sumatakyo gorge.

In the weekend so many visitors come to this bridge and they have to wait more than an hour to go across

the bridge.

As you see, the water color is so beautiful that attract lots of travelers.

http://yumeno-tsuribashi.com (official WEB of this suspension bridge)

The final one and the longest suspension bridge is “Shiogo Suspension Bridge”.

The length of this bridge is approx.220m and if you are lucky you can see the steam locomotive going

along the Oi railway in front of this bridge.

Please enjoy bridge tour at KawaneHoncho!