Maze village, “E-bike tour is now booming here!”

Maze village, “E-bike tour is now booming here!”

Maze village(now merged into Gero city) is located at Hida region of Gifu pref. Close to the village there is a famous city “Takayama” where lots of foreign travelers visit throughout the year. Recently one tour attracts lots of  foreign travelers at Takayama. That is “E-Bike” tour at Maze village, The tour starts from JR Hida-Hagiwara station. Please take the express train from Takayama station for Nagoya. Then you can arrive at Hida-Hagiwara station at 8:36.

At this station the tour guide Mr.Daisuke Seko meets you and the fantastic experience stars from here. After explanation how to ride the bike, you may move to the Suwa shrine which is close to the station. The shrine stands on the Hagiwara Suwa Castle ruin. At the shrine Mr.Daisuke talks about the general information of this area as well as history even over centuries ago.

In order to enjoy the tour more the preliminary knowledge about this area might be quite helpful. After the shrine you may walk along the downtown of Hagiwara for a while.

After that the tour finally moves forward to Maze Village. The distance is approx. 10km from Hagiwara to Maze village. But, thanks to E-Bike it is not so hard travel for you.

After you go over small mountain and reach to Maze Village, you might be impressed with nice country view.

Just 10km ride brings you to another world. You continue riding bike in wonderful environment in about a few hours. And before you go back to downtown of Hagiwara Mr.Daisuke gives you small present.

He makes coffee for you at the river. You may never forget the tastes of the fresh coffee at such a beautiful place. After coffee time Mr.Daisuke brings you back to Hida-Hagiwara station to catch the train back to Takayama. For your information now is the best time to enjoy autumn leaves at Maze village. The e-bike tour in autumn leaves might be more attractive.

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