Kiyosato town is located northern east of Hokkaido and proud of its beautiful pure

water and Mt.Shari.

There are 2 famous water spots in the town.

The first one is “Kaminoko-ike pond getting its name literally meaning “child of the gods”

from stories that it is fed by underground waters from Lake Mashuko, which is known by the

Ainu as Kamuito or “Lake of the Gods”.

The water is crystal clear and stays a low 8C throughout the year, which makes the bottom

visible from the surface and keep the submerged trees from rotting.

The second spot is Sakuranotaki waterfall.

This waterfall is famous for trout running back. Every year from middle of June till begging of August.

About 3000 trouts come back from the sea to this home river for spawning.

The upper part of the river is the best place for spawning, so trouts jump into the waterfall to reach

to the upper part.

Just 10% of trouts successfully reach to the goal.

Besides pure water spots you can enjoy hiking onto Mt.Shari in the summer.

You can contact Kiyosato tourism office for guide tour to Mt.Shari.