Nakasatsunai is quite small village located at the south of Obihiro, one of the major cities

in Hokkaido.

They are proud of flowers, greenness and art of the village.

Upon arrival to Nakasatsunai you may go up to the Ipponyama observatory tower to

see around the village.

Ipponyama Observatory tower

At downtown of Nakasatsunai you are impressed with the flowers each villagers plant in front of their


And just close to the downtown there is famous sightseeing spot, “Forest of Rokka”, where you can

enjoy various kinds of flowers and art throughout the year.

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One more place you can enjoy greenness and art at the same time is Nakasatsunai Art Village.

Inside the vast forest you can visit several pretty art houses.

You can surely spend relax and luxurious time here.

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