Sai Village is located at east cost of Shimokita Peninsula of Aomori Pref.

The most famous sightseeing spot in this village is “Hotogegaura”.

As you see these photos, there are plenty of huge rocks along the sea side.

You can access to this spot on foot from the parking place in about 20 min. But, I recommend you to

use ferry boat from Sai port(30min.) or Ushitaki area(15min). You can also enjoy the rocks from the boat.

The ferry boat from Sai port departs on the time table, but the small boat from Ushitaki departs on demand.

You may contact them by phone for reservation. (0175-38-5818)

On-demand boat from Ushitaki

At the time of lower tide you can go further by so-to-call “Paradise beach”.

Paradise beach

You can find the small rock space which one person can enter inside.

From the inside of the small rocks you can see the light of the sky.

It seems like heaven.

There is spring water coming out at the left side of the beach.

It is said that one glass of this spring water let you become younger by ten years, two glasses

by twenty years and three glasses forever.

Magical spring water

Why don’t you try?